ART – Cocoon

Cocoon Forest is a movable room made for children with different learning variations. Here they can take their time and connect to their body and mind. I meet one child a time in the room and we have possibilities to play with hanging cocoons, light, sound and juggling material. Everything in the room happens according to every child’s needs and possibilities.

I have been working with kids and adults with learning disabilities the last years in Sweden, both with art and circus.

I have done residencies and research during 2018-2019. With the support of: Kulturrådet, La central del circ, Nycirkusfestival Rydal.

Tour in Botkyrka and Haninge spring and autumn 2020 with the support of:  Kreativa fonden Botkyrka and Region Stockholm Dans Cirkus.

Tour in Finland summer 2020 with the support of: Finnish Cultural Foundation.